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Prints play a major role in giving a fabric a new look and that fabric in turn, turns out to create a ground-breaking fashiontrend.

People assume that Fashion Styling is tough but that is not the case. You can easily master this skill by being consistent. The fashion industry holds their breath and waits for fashion gurus to introduce their innovations every season, while the masters reinvent three important factors – designs, colors, and patterns – time and time again. The most impressionable ones pass from the ramp to the mass market, and that is how the world’s sartorial choices are influenced and modified from one season to the next. For spring/summer 2022, here are the prints and patterns that seem to be ruling the minds and markets.


ZIG-ZAG patterns and neon colors shall be in vogue this summer/ spring, suggests the global fashion gurus. ZIG-ZAG patterns are nothing new but their reinterpretation from a kaleidoscopic angle is something fresh that designers seem to be experimenting with. Intermingling geometric patterns with their carefully executed twists and turns evoke a trippy sensation that millennials and gen Z seem to adore.

With the right blends, designers can literally produce abstract pieces of wearable art with geometric patterns and much like floral blooms, they offer great liberty to brands to play around and experiment. Geometric patterns go well with fabrics ranging from cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk to polyester, crepe, lycra, and nylon. One can apply them to topwear or athleisure wear and the magic would work just the same.


There’s something mysterious and magical about leopard print. Leopard print clothes are timeless and most definitely back in vogue, often walking the line between classy and flashy. But why are these leopard prints so popular and chic? Leopard print clothes is an imitation design pattern that pays homage to one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, the leopard. It can be worn as a stand-alone clothing style but is most often worn in combination with other clothes fabrics and designs.

Keeping up with the biggest print and pattern trends for Summer can be tricky but the most essential thing to look is how a print or a pattern suits your personality. Some people like more of a casual look and some of them wanted to make a classic statement. Use your prints according to what look you want to have this Summer.



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