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This makeup requires almost no effort from you, but results in a bold pop of colour that makes you look like you walked right off the runway. For this blue makeup look you’ll want to create a light, smooth base; go in with your usual complexion products, or simply even out your skin tone with concealer or your favourite tinted moisturiser. Elevate your canvas with a dewy glow-from-within highlighter to complete a dreamy glass skin base. When hunting for ways to work blue into your beauty life, remember that many mainstream blue beauty products are using heavy metal dyes to achieve those richly pigmented shades. Personally, I prefer natural minerals or blueberry fruit pigments to achieve azure hues.

Of all the places to risk it, you definitely want to avoid toxic and harsh chemical ingredients on the eye area. Beauty is supposed to be fun, so make sure to read your labels and patch test before batting those eyes at a new beauty product!



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