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It’s that time again finally, the sun is gradually showing its face and flowers are starting to bloom. I love the transition from hot summer weather to the pleasant feeling of warmth. This outfit reminds me of this exact same feeling of transition.

I love the unique design of layering up with some colours. The shirt gives a perfect piece to wear during a long summer day that shifts into an evening out. I paired this yellow top to give an extra hot chick look. This stand-out and comfortable outfit marks to be the start of a warmer period where bees escape their winter cluster and start to buzz again, which is something I’m super excited about!

Layer has the superpower of taking your rather boring outfit up the notch. It not only makes you look sexier but feel sexier too. Finally, I started buying a lot of coloured pants. I know if I want to look fierce and the right amount of sexy, I just need to paint myself in any colour and mismatch it with bright colour layers. It's just that easy. I wanted to do something insanely beautiful and dreamy. I knew how I exactly I had to style it. The quality, the design it's all beautifully done and could be styled with versatility as well.


That's it for today! See you guys super soon. I would love to know the kind of looks you guys would like me to post. Let me know in the comments section below.

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I am a student of Journalism and mass communication, India.

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