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The holiday aside green has been a go to color of mine for years. In the past I’ve stuck to more classic shades like olive or forest but the past year I incorporated lighter shades like pistachio. The brighter colors feel fresh especially for Fall. It reminds me of all the beautiful blooms that are about to pop up over the coming months. The flowers’ scent sweetening the air as a gentle breeze blows. It’s truly one of the things I look forward to the most for fall. So if you’re here looking for a fit for holiday or you want to learn how to wear one color head to toe without looking boring, keep scrolling.

The thing about wearing one color head to toe is that when it’s done wrong it looks boring, which clearly isn’t what you want otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading. When it comes to wearing one color head to toe there are three things that can make your fit stand out:

  • Play With Different Shades

  • Incorporate Textures

  • Use Length to Your Advantage

Using different shades of the same color instantly makes your outfit less boring. Another reason mixing shades can be helpful is it gives you a way to highlight or hide things. If you want something to appear slimmer, i.e. your legs, wear a piece in a darker shade. Textures are also a great way to add interest. The different materials create variation so even two pieces in the shade with different texture becomes eye-catching. Lastly length is equally important to draw attention to or away from something. In this case a pair of high waist pants with paper bag detail and a crop jacket work together to accentuate my shape. You can use this either to show off your hips and legs or swap for a longer jacket which can help you to look taller and more slender. At the end of the day it’s about playing up the features you want to highlight in a way that makes you feel confident.



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