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Say hello to the most romantic season of the year- monsoon! A great time to do so much- sit in our balconies and enjoy the breeze, have a sip of the hot tea, go out for a morning drive, or just eat some Mirchi Bada! However, as fun as it may sound, this season is not the most convenient for fashion lovers, for obvious reasons. Humid in the air, damp clothes because of the constant rains, and the forever gloomy mood- the scenario for fashionistas is almost empathetic.

The struggles which is mostly faced during such weather is outfit. You could get yourself the most beautiful outfit but it would all go to waste if the material the dress is made of is not right. Rainy days cause a lot of humidity and that in turn causes you to sweat a lot. Now suppose you wear an attire made of silk and step out to a party, surviving even for a short period would be difficult! Which is why, be very mindful of the fabric- wear outfits made of cotton because they are light and would not make you irritable with the humidity. You can also opt for fabrics that dry out very easily- for those unfortunate circumstances where you get drenched in the rain.

A tip for rainy days, go for cotton material.

I got this dress from Urbanic and it perfectly matches the weather. The color is so eye catchy, material is so light and perfect to go out and chill with your friends or family.

Happy Weather People!



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