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Stuck in your closet and wondering how to mash up your clothes for a fresh change? Wondering what people are wearing out on the street? Need a new spin on the latest fashions? How does some inspiration from the world’s best streetwear blogs sound?

Nowadays people are more focused on loose clothing and Kimino is the best attire you can go for street wear. It'll make you look classy and comfortable at the same time.

Prints has always been my favourite go to. Just last year, the S/S 21 runways offered us a peek of what’s to come, and needless to say, we’re already daydreaming about the trends that await us in a few months' time. From modern updates to a few spring favourites (florals and check) to nostalgic saturated stripes evocative of our favourite childhood confection, these patterns are poised to take over fashion style.

Indeed, you can always count on a floral pattern of some sort to make an appearance around this time of year, and for this season we're taking a trip to the '80s. Instead of classically romantic florals, this print is punchy and in your face - the type of floral you can't help but notice.


Outfit: Maharani Textile Handicraft
Heels: SSS


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